Christ Presbyterian Church

North Riverside,Illinois

 Service every Sunday at 10:00   Join us today everyone is welcome.                         

Upcoming Events


4  Youth Sunday/Confirmation

Communion/Coffee Hour

7 Session 7 PM

9 Food Pantry Day

11 Food Pantry


2 Communion

9 Food Pantry Day


6 Communion

13 Food Pantry Day

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Mission Statement:
Bring Christ to the Community

To bring together what is scattered and mend what is broken, through the Love of Jesus Christ.  We will minister to the needs of people of this church and community.  We promise to always keep our eyes and hearts open for the opportunity to help where God calls us.  We will energize the congregation and transform their relationship with God in order to share our fellowship and love with others.

What We Believe:
We are a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the reformed tradition.