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Site of North Riverside Presbyterian Church



North Riverside Community Presbyterian Church was organized on December 21, 1952, after many meetings under the guidance of a student minister, John Talbot.  The first meeting was held at Komarek School.  In the spring of 1953 property was secured for both a manse and a church.   On February 22, 1955 Mr. Talbot was ordained and became the first minister of our church.  Also, in 1955 a building fund drive secured money and pledges for plans for a new sanctuary.  Such plans were approved by the congregation on December 9, 1956, and ground breaking took place on Sunday, March 17, 1957.  Dedication of the church was held on May 11, 1958.

The following pastors have all helped lead in the spiritual growth of the church.

Rev. John Talbot 1952, Rev. Arthur Johnson 1959, Rev. Evert Hanley 1967, Rev. J. Burns 1970,

Rev. J. Grove 1987, Rev. David Neff 1993, Rev. James Shiflett 1998, Rev Dean Overholser 2005,

Rev. Caryle Wilkie 2008, Rev. Richard Smith 2010, Rev. Brent Raska 2012 (current).


Hollywood Community Church


The Hollywood-Brookfield Presbyterian Church started with a children’s Sunday School in 1921 at the Hollywood Community House and an adult group organizing in 1923.  Space was needed so the groups used Hollywood School.  With a growing congregation and Sunday school, it was time to think big and in 1947 a committee was formed to look for a piece or property.  1949 thru 1952 several lots were purchased.  In 1956, after approving a plan of construction, ground breaking began.  The completion of the building was September 1957 with a dedication service on October 27, 1957.  In 1983 the church name was changed to First Presbyterian Church of Brookfield.  The church and property have remained pretty much the same over the years.

The following pastors have all helped lead in the spiritual growth of the church.

Rev. Calvin Ukena 1945, Rev. John Kitching 1947, Rev. Curtis Glick 1950, Rev. Fred Mills 1955,

Rev. David Koch 1956, Rev. Philip Sorce 1957, Rev. John Lyford 1963, Rev. James Camp 1973,

Rev. Reinhold Henrich 1986, Rev. James g., Saint Jr. 1989, Rev. Barbara Bundick 1991,

Rev. Donald Dempsey 1995, Rev. Christopher Schwab 2000, Rev. Winifred Schaumburg 2000,

Rev. Debra McGuire 2002, Rev. Joseph Ledwell 2004, Rev. William Bigelow 2005,

Rev. Winifred Schaumburg 2006, Rev. Caryle Wilke 2008.


As the young people grew up, married and moved away.  Both churches felt the loss of the fellowship and stewardship.  The passing of loyal, dedicated members and friends has been a tremendous loss. By late 2008 both churches were struggling with declining membership as well as financial challenges.

Merger- In 2008 Rev. Caryle Wilkie was hired as a part time pastor at North Riverside Community Presbyterian Church and Brookfield Presbyterian Church.  As time went on several, social events were held and both Church’s celebrated together, many services were held jointly.  After all at this time both churches had small congregations and the pastor was the common ground.  In September 2008 due to a failed sump pump the Brookfield Presbyterian Church flooded with over 6 feet of water.   It was agreed that both churches would merge and worship under the North Riverside Community Presbyterian Church building. In July 2009 the Brookfield church property went up for sale.    On December 8, 2009 the merger was final and the new name of Christ Presbyterian Church was born.

At Christ Presbyterian Church we continue to grow, worship, and serve the community together.  There is no “us” and “them”, as we are now, all one spiritual family.  In 2014, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. We look forward to many more as we live out our mission of Bringing Christ to the Community.